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Sushi Party! (Oct 16)

Sushi Party! (Oct 16)


Wednesday October 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

Hands On with Chef Pete Sok

Get out your bamboo mat and let’s start rollin’!  We will gather all the supplies: fresh seafood, perfectly prepared rice, meticulously cut veg and crisp nori.  Then build, wrap and roll!  Sound daunting?  Don’t worry, Chef Sok will walk you through step by step as we create sushi you’ll be confident to recreate at home.   We will learn Classic California Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken Rolls and Dynamite Rolls using fresh tuna and salmon.  Let’s get this party started!

*Note: No tickets will be issued. A confirmation email will be sent to your address to confirm this reservation. If you are attending this event with other people, please email to let us know so we can seat you all together.

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