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Team Building

It’s no secret that cooking is a fantastic team building activity. Finding the right balance of action and execution in the kitchen is a great opportunity to get your team working together in a way that cannot be replicated within the office. We get team members moving and interacting in a variety of ways that help to boost collaboration and team spirit.

Our recipes and cooking stations are set up in such a way that promotes growth and team work to bring out the best in every group. We will help your team improve their communication, attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure.

We offer three unique opportunities to boost bonding within your team. Take a look!

  • Take it easy - We set the stage for team members to unwind, laugh, and have a little fun while they work towards creating a meal together. Allowing relationships to grow organically helps a team to blend together, and encourages individuals to lean on each other. This is our secret sauce for building relationships.

  • Step it up - It’s time to get down to business and focus on key qualities that will transport a team to the next level. We work through specific cooking activities that focus on highlighting leadership, communication, and responsibility. Team members are encouraged to rise up, and push their boundaries independently, while working collaboratively amongst their team.

  • Bring it on - You asked, we answered. Our Black Box challenge is made to bring out the competitive spirit, while encouraging individuals to break through their barriers. In teams, individuals will tackle a challenge intended to foster creativity, patience, and collaboration.

We can already see the growth and improvement from here!

Perfect for any group size 6 to 35, starting at $80 per person.

Which one suits your team? Take a look at our Calendar and choose a date that works for your team.